Audio samples

This is a selection of just some of the artists who have recorded at the VIP Lounge.


Below Dignity – Not to My Aid Dignity – Not to My Aid.mp3

Brix Smith – Flower in the Sun Smith – Flower in the Sun.mp3

Intercooler – Coconut – Coconut.mp3

Noctorum – High as a Kite – High as a Kite.mp3

Tommy Tokyo – In the Machine Tokyo – In the Machine.mp3

What Fuels Your Fire – The Truths Fuels Your Fire – The Truths.mp3


Chris Smith – Remember Me songwriter/Chris Smith – Remember Me.mp3

Cy Parry – Old Flames songwriter/Cy Parry – Old Flames.mp3

Holly Rogers – You Are Everything songwriter/Holly Rogers – You Are Everything.mp3


Bagas Degol – Breton Dance Set Degol – Breton Dance set.mp3

Julie Elwin – Hunrosow Elwin – Hunrosow.mp3


Denys Stephens – Recerchar Stephens – Recerchar.mp3

Esteban Antonio – Homecoming Antonio – Homecoming.mp3

FOLD – Day of the Dread – Day of the Dread.mp3

Sue Aston – Intial Bond Aston – Initial Bond.mp3


Fathom Fifteen – Misery Guts Fifteen – Misery Guts.mp3

Isle of Avalon – The Legend of Zagor of Avalon -The Legend of Zagor.mp3