About Dare Mason

As a House Engineer at the world famous Townhouse Studios in London, Dare worked with the likes of Prince, Paul McCartney, Boy George, Tina Turner, Ravi Shankar, Soul II Soul and many others.

Becoming a freelance producer/engineer in 1991, he produced albums for The Grid, The Church, Placebo and AC Acoustics, working in London, New York, Sydney and Stockholm, before finally settling in Cornwall and setting up the VIP Lounge in 2001.

Nowadays, Dare is mainly known as a mixing engineer, having mixed recordings by Tommy Tokyo (Warners, Norway), Brix Smith (ex The Fall), Cinerama (Cooking Vinyl) as well as many local acts (Thirteen Senses, Hollie Rogers etc)

Dare Mason is also a composer and songwriter in his own right. An accomplished guitarist, singer and dabbler in keyboards, he usually ends up contributing musically to the artists he produces.

Here are some of Dare’s major credits

Production and engineering credits

Tommy Tokyo and
Starving For My
Warner BrosSmear Your Smiles Back OnAlbumMix
Thirteen SensesMercuryThru the GlassSingle
Thirteen SensesMercuryNo Other Life...B-sideProd/Eng
Thirteen SensesMercuryLittle UnrestB-sideProd/Eng
Thirteen SensesMercuryThe QuestionsB-sideProd/Eng
PlaceboHutTaste in MenSingleCo-Prod
CineramaCooking VinylVa Va VoomAlbumProd/Eng/Mix
CineramaScopitonesDisco VolanteAlbumProd/Eng/Mix
A.C. AcousticsOne Little IndianVictory PartsAlbumProd/Mix
Animals That SwimOne Little IndianWorkshyAlbumProd/Eng/Mix
Animals That SwimOne Little IndianI Was the KingAlbumProd/Eng/Mix
Animals That SwimOne Little IndianHappiness from a Distant StarAlbumProd/Eng/Mix
The ChurchAristaSometime/AnywhereAlbumProd/Eng/Mix
Marty Willson-PiperChaseIn ReflectionAlbumCo-Prod/Eng/Mix
Marty Willson-PiperRykodiscArt AttackAlbumCo-Prod/Eng/Mix
Marty Willson-PiperRykodiscRhymeAlbumCo-Prod/Eng/Mix
Marty Willson-PiperRykodiscSpirit LevelAlbumCo-Prod/Eng/Mix
Marty Willson-PiperIn DeepNightjarProd/Eng/Mix
Ann CarlbergerMNW (Sweden)Hidden TreasuresAlbumCo-Prod/Eng/Mix
Martin RosselCBS (Sweden)Resan....AlbumProd/Eng/Mix
The UnsophisticatesRadarGuidoAlbumProd/Eng/Mix
The Starseeds4ADHeaven's AirportEPCo-Prod
The VolaresRockadelicThe Night We Taught Ourselves to SingAlbumProd/Eng/Mix

Engineering credits

System 7Big LifeEng/Mix
The GridVirgin456AlbumMix
Stereo MC's4th and BroadwayLost in MusicSingleEng/Mix
Soul II SoulVirginBack to LifeSingleEng/Mix
PrinceWarner BrosOverdubsEng
The TriffidsIslandCalentureAlbumEng
Elton JohnMCACandle in the WindSingleMix
Dream AcademyVirginIn The HeartSingleEng/Mix
Robert Howard & Kim MyzelleBMGWaitSingleEng/Mix
It BitesVirginNever Go To HeavenB-SideMix
Ravi ShankarAlbumAlbumEng/Mix
Blow MonkeysBMGSpringtime For The WorldAlbumEng/Mix
Ramon CinRCAAl LimiteAlbumMix
Jansen/BarbieriAlbum trackEng/Mix