News from the VIP Lounge

Dare Mason mixes new Hollie Rogers album

Hollie’s first album “Let Me Be the Shadow of Your Dog” was mixed by Dare in 2008 and was a successful debut for this talented young songwriter who Nick Mason of Pink Floyd described as “having an amazing voice reminiscent of Joni Mitchell”. She has supported artists such as Suzanne Vega and Midge Ure and can even number Damien Rice among her fans. Her new album, “All That Fire” is even better – more mature, more cohesive. Check out the lead track, Hollie Rogers 1“Skin”.


Grammy Nominated Artist returns to VIP Lounge for new album

Warner Bros (Norway) asked Dare Mason to mix Tommy Tokyo’s latest batch of songs. The resulting album, “We Blister and We Bleed” was launched in February to widespread critical acclaim.

Dare mixed Tommy’s 2008 album “Smear Your Smiles Back On” which was nominated for a Grammy and went gold in Norway. On that occasion, Tommy came to Penzance to oversee the mixing process. However, on the latest album, Dare mixed alone and sent mixes over to the artist and the producer, Oyvind Blomstom, for approval.



New Microphones

So many acoustic artists and bands have been booking the VIP Lounge that it was decided to purchase two Neumann KM184’s so that we can now mic an acoustic guitar in stereo if need be. The mics give a clear, crisp, solid sound. They also work great on drum overheads and flute.