Recording Holidays

Why not combine a visit to the beautiful area of West Cornwall with a chance to record a song or album with a gold disc award winning record producer?

At the VIP Lounge recording studio, we offer flexible package deals which can include studio time, accommodation and sight seeing. Whether you are coming alone or with a partner, whether you are an amateur or a professional musician, we can work out a package that will suit your needs.

At the end of your stay you will leave with a professionally produced CD of your songs and some wonderful memories of a unique holiday.

The Studio

Situated in the heart of Penzance, the VIP Lounge was established in 2001 and is a fully equipped commercial recording studio. It’s a relaxed, comfortable environment, designed to bring out your creative side while maintain high levels of professionalism. We have contacts with many local session musicians if needed. For more information on the studio and its equipment click here.

Control Room 2011

The Engineer

Dare Mason is the resident producer/engineer at the VIP Lounge. He was trained in London at The Townhouse where he worked with artists such as Elton John, Prince, Paul McCartney etc. Later, as a freelance producer, he produced tracks for Placebo, the church, The Wedding Present etc. Having fallen in love with Cornwall, he relocated in 2001 and has mainly been working with local artists. Dare plays guitar, bass and some keyboards and his skills on these instruments is included in the package. For more information on Dare click here.


This is plentiful because Cornwall is a holiday destination. You can chose from holiday cottages, hotels and B & B’s. I have contacts with local Air B & B’s so I can help you arrange your accommodation if necessary.

West Cornwall

This area is a very popular holiday destination for many reasons. In summer, people come here for the world class beaches. At other times, they are attracted by the South West Coastal Path, the art galleries, the plethora of ancient monuments (stone circles, quoits, the mining heritage) and the natural beauty of Penwith. Penzance and St Ives are fascinating towns to explore in terms of their history, their architecture and the many parks and places of interest they contain. We are happy to point you in the direction of the local attractions including St Michaels Mount, Lands End and the Tate Gallery.


Porth Chapel small

Recording Holiday Package – some examples


OK, so you’re interested in recording in Cornwall at the VIP Lounge but you’re not sure how long you need and you’re asking how much is this going to cost? Here are some examples of the packages we offer but remember, we can be flexible in terms of time and, to some extent, price.

The time it takes to record and mix one song can vary tremendously depending on the amount of instrumentation used and the complexity of the song(s). For instance, to record a three minute song with a single instrument accompaniment may take less than an hour. However to record and mix a six minute epic with full instrumentation may take three days!

You may wish to spend all your time in the studio – that’s fine. However, if you wish to explore the area, there will be ample opportunity to do so because Dare will inevitably need to do some work on his own eg editing, filing etc. It may also be a good idea to factor in some days for sightseeing.

One Week Package


4 days recording (leaving 3 for sightseeing)                       £1000

7 days  B and B accommodation                                           £420

Total Cost                                                                           £1420

Two Week Package


10 days recording (leaving 4 for sightseeing)                     £2500

14 days B and B accommodation                                        £840

Total Cost                                                                            £3340

Album Deal 1


Unlimited time to record ten songs (simple accompaniment)            £1200

Plus B and B accommodation @ £60 per night

Album Deal 2


Unlimited time to record ten songs (full accompaniment)                  £5000

Plus B and B accommodation @ £60 per night

Accommodation costs are based on two people sharing in Air B & B accommodation and are approximate.

Prices do not include session musician fees. These are typically £20 an hour.

We would love to chat to you about your requirements. Alternatively you can contact us via email. Click here for contact details.