The Studio

With an acoustically “true” control room and a great sounding live room, the VIP Lounge is the perfect place to record and mix your tracks. Our ethos is to allow your creativity to come through so your music can reach its full potential. And hopefully we’ll all have a lot of fun in the process.

The studio is fully equipped with a large range of quality microphones and a collection of instruments, amps and vintage guitars.

The control room is large and comfortable, large enough to fit a three seater sofa and can easily accommodate six people. It benefits from natural light and is acoustically treated to give it a true sound for accurate monitoring. The feel and décor of the room is homely and relaxed rather than clinical and cold.

The live room used to be a cellar in the days when the house that the studio was based in belonged to a sea captain. Affectionately known as “the cave” this room, though small, features great natural acoustics and can accommodate a group of up to five musicians, though we have been known to cram in a few more!

If you’re interested in the technical stuff, read on and you’ll find a list of the equipment at the studio.


Toft ATB 32 channel mixing desk


Apple Mac running Cubase or Logic

MOTU audio interfaces

Sony DAT recorder

Yamaha KX330 cassette recorder


Urei 1176 compressor

DBX 160 compressor

TLA C-5021 stereo valve compressor

BSS Opal stereo compressor

SPL Transient Designer

Lexicon PCM80

Lexicon LXP 1

Lexicon MPX100

Ibanez DMD 2000 digital delay

Yamaha E1010 analogue delay

Yamaha SPX 90

Roland Chorus Echo


Neumann U87

2 Neumann KM184’s

Elecrovoice RE20

Rode NT2 and NT1

2 x Rode NT35’s

4 x Shure SM57’s

3 x Sennheiser e604’s

Octava mc011

Beyer M88

AKG D112

Instruments and Guitars

Fender, Gibson, Rickenbacker, Takamine. Many are vintage models.

Basses by Hofner and Fender

Maton lap slide guitar

Eko Bazouki

M Audio 88 key weighted keyboard

Novation Bass Station

Yamaha DJX

An abundance of virtual instruments

Custom snare drum

Plus an array of percussion and unusual things to hit and strum


Vox AC30 (60’s model)

Orange Cube